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5 Powerful Steps to Health

The most helpless feeling in the world is to watch someone you love die, and not knowing anything to do for them. Such was the case for me, in my young adult life, as I sat by my dear mother’s bedside and literally, watched her body shut down, a day and an organ at a time. She passed away after a seven-year battle with cancer. During those last ten days, as she looked at me and asked me for help, just waiting for the end to come, I felt a growing and intense desire to know how to stop this senseless kind of death.

These feelings exploded as the nurse admitted that my mother had died from the effect of the chemotherapy and radiation, and not the lymph cancer itself. The chemicals had literally destroyed her body’s ability to fight back and heal itself. I felt cheated, helpless, and angry. Only a few short years later, my father had a sudden and massive stroke which left him as helpless as a little child. He spent his last nine years paralyzed on one side of his body, which made him dependent on constant help, tied to a wheel chair, with brain damage so severe that he did not even recognize me as his daughter. This all happened unexpectedly to a man who appeared to be the perfect image of good health just the night before.

Devastated by the loss of both of my parents at a young age, I began a long and committed search for the truth about our health. I sought for a deeper understanding of the gifts God has given us which allow us to enjoy perfect health. I know he did not intend for us to be so sick and with so little energy like most people are feeling today.

This path to healing opened wide for me when, several years after my mother’s death and my fathers stroke, I too became seriously ill. I suffered through an illness so serious that I was bed-ridden for over ten months, not able to care for my four young children, and nearly destroyed my body with five different series of antibiotic treatments through conventional medicine. I was open and ready when I was introduced to the concept of healing through intestinal cleansing.

When the knowledge of this type of treatment came into my life, I willingly subjected myself to an intense and extreme whole body cleansing program, and my illness was immediately and completely healed. This began my awakening to the whole new beautiful world of natural health. I have since studied everything I can find about herbs and natural living, and have paid whatever price has been required to avail myself of every opportunity to learn. I?ve immersed myself in all types of products and tools— anything that could teach me more how to help myself, my family, and the whole community.

My commitment to serving others through natural means has reached a new level as I have been led to new methods to create and manufacture Total Prevention’s exquisite organic medicinal plants and make them available to everyone! These products are in the most effective and vital form available. No expense has been spared to bring you the finest products and personal support.

Our world is changing, and in this new day, my parents would probably not have died of the illnesses that took their young lives, and my children would have had the blessing of knowing their incredible grandparents. We are living in a new age of awareness, where we are now even seeing some insurance companies picking up the tab for visits to natural practitioners and herbal remedies. We are seeing medical doctors admit that they cannot help certain illnesses, and recommending supplements, cleansing, and counseling, as well as sending their patients to naturalists! It is becoming extremely common to speak about intestinal cleansing, inner child healing, and herbal remedies as a first line defense when troubled health first appears. Truth has prevailed, and the future will continue to bless our lives with the knowledge and the gifts necessary to empower us to enjoy the best of health.

So where do we start?

1. Level one of my program to return to vital health is absolutely, and without any hesitancy, begin now to cleanse! The colon is the trash dump of the body, and it is full of toxins and old decayed fecal material, usually stuck there from the lack of good bulky fresh food diets, proper water consumption, stress, and many years of mistreating our body’s normal functions. The small intestine must be clean in order to absorb nutrition from our foods, and the large intestine to absorb good water needed.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C.,Ph.D., said “The colon is a sewage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal, we are well and happy; let it stagnate, and it will distill the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally depressed and irritable; it will poison the heart so that we are weak and listless; poisons the lungs so that the breath is foul; poisons the blood so that the skin is sallow and unhealthy. In short, every organ of the body is poisoned, and we age prematurely, look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritis, dull eyes and a sluggish brain overtake us; the pleasure of living is gone.”

After years and years of experimenting with nearly every type of cleanse, and after following my own personal inspiration, I have created my own effective formulas for cleansing and rebuilding, developing programs which are extremely effective and very easy for anyone to partake of.

2. Level two includes the types of foods and nutrients that we put into our bodies after we have cleaned them out! Becoming more conscious of how foods affect our bodies, we can learn to really feed ourselves straight to the cell level. Always remember to put foods into our bodies that give us energy, and not foods that take our energy in order to digest them. Eat foods as close as possible to their original form: fresh foods, not processed! Drink water in the purest form available, and lots of it: approximately one ounce a day for every pound of your body weight. Take supplements of vitamins, minerals, and good herbs of the earth. Many of the kinds you find in stores are solid and indigestible to people with unhealthy bodies. I have created formulas which are concentrated liquids, made from the most precious organic herbs available, which when taken in drops under the tongue, go directly into the blood stream. These are magnificent products to bless everyone, and especially the ill people whose bodies cannot absorb very well.

3. Level three, after cleansing and revamping our diets, suggests that we have reached a new, high level of health. With all the cleansing out of the old which was robbing us of energy, and then feeding ourselves with foods and supplements which provide the highest forms of nourishment we can take into our bodies, we feel a magnificent and renewed energy! We now have hope, and we have a sense of life that is on the way up! We can begin the next level of healing, which has to do with our inner spirits. This level includes doing the inner work and letting go of the bad feelings we have collected and held onto through our lives. We choose to forgive. We choose to stop blaming. We choose to see the beauty all around us. We choose to live in gratitude. We heal the scars of the past, and allow new energy to empower us from the inside out. We can live in love, which is the highest form of living. We can trust that God is there for us, and we are worth caring about. In this space, and only in this space, can we then truly reach out and love others. With this major change in attitude, life is very good!

4. Level four suggests that since our spirits are now alive and up and running in our new, high-powered healthy bodies, we can feel like exercising! This effort now becomes easier for us, and not a negative necessity! With your renewed whole body, mind, and spirit working together, you can easily walk into those areas of physical activity that have always sounded fun to you. Ask yourself what sounds fun, and DO IT! Have you always wanted to ride a bike? Have you always wanted to take up skiing with your kids? Whatever that little secret wish lying dormant inside you has been, know that at this level of health, you can have it become a reality! Blessings on you for taking such good care of yourself!

5. Level five, and the highest level of health, has to do with the peaceful and meditative practices you enjoy. It is essential that we each give ourselves the gift of daily meditation. For those who want or need a little direction in this area, I have developed beautiful tools to assist people in doing inner work and attaining this level of feeling good. For everyone desiring this deep level of health and vitality, it is a simple process. This means taking a few minutes early in the day to reconnect with our inner spirits, our real selves, and the source of all life as we know it: God. This is a time to remember who we really are, and to feel the love that God unconditionally provides for us. This time is our own private sanctuary, where we connect to our highest source of love, and to feed our souls, which fuels our very lives to allow us to live consistent with our beliefs.

This doesn’t have to take very long, but it needs to be given the respect that it deserves. Depending on our life’s circumstances, we may need to get up a little earlier, find that special secluded place, and to spend whatever time necessary to bring us to a level of peace that will sustain us through our day. Breathe in the beautiful. Exhale the old and negative and untrue beliefs. Ask God to show you who you really are. Love your innocent and pure childlike being as He does. Ask Him what you should be doing to take care of yourself. Be peaceful with what comes. He will bring into your life everyone and everything that you need in order to be healthy and vibrant. Know that there is perfection in all things. With this high level of health and love, you can truly bless others lives by bringing good to them. Isn’t this the way God would want us to live? With this peaceful personal empowerment, we can sleep well. You have now learned to listen to your body, and it will tell you what to eat, when to cleanse, when to build, when to sleep, what to say, who to help?

I send you all blessings of good health, peace, and love. Janice Erickson

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